I just want you to see clearly what I actually am… a very young bitchboy looking for mature men who know what I really need…
My ass (cunt!) needs to be fucked hard and to be submissive to any game men want to play. My orgasms must be prostatic. My tight cock needs to stay caged and never get hard. My body needs to wear feminine sexy clothes and underwear. I need to be used by mature men from 35 to 50 yo.

My skype is... "live:491a26" so add me!

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taken by my wifes bf,and captioned to humilate me

taken by my wifes bf,and captioned to humilate me

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maurii94 asked:

I like small sissy dicks. I want that my dick is so little too. I'm jealous :/

Should use a CB6000 :)

How should sissy clit look like #88

How should sissy clit look like #88

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ballsackempty asked:

god ur what i havebeen looking for, i am an older gent who loves to have a yung sissy guy to use as i please

Thank you honey! :)

freegraywolf asked:

Nice blog

Thank you!

cooterdog asked:

I'd love to take your panties off and tongue fuck you.

Wow! I love when my man does it!

specialist44 asked:

Do you have a black daddy ?

Not yet…

Anonymous asked:

are you being fucked now

Maybe… :)

cjdaddy asked:

Daddy wants to bury dick in that little boipussy

I’d really love that! Thank you!